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Wax Unique Aesthetics

Acrylic Wax Stick (3 pack)

You are going to LOVE our new acrylic wax stirring sticks.  These are not to be used on clients as they are NOT reusable.   To clean: Use our Lucas cide wipes  To get off wax: Use oil

Wax Unique Aesthetics

Brazilian Wax Look and Learn

This video is a demonstration using a LIVE model.  You will see How to properly manipulate wax Wax and wax pot temperature Proper sanitation & sterilization set up. How to clean off gloves...


LUCAS-CIDE Salon & Spa Sanitizer Quart

$15.00 - $180.00
LUCAS-CIDE Concentrate Disinfectant is extremely economical – it mixes with water and a little goes a long way (1 gallon yields 256 gallons!). It’s excellent for disinfecting tools that require...