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Moniques Random Pick

THis will constantly change as I decide to do random promotions.  They will always be FREE shipping.  THIS one includes: 1- 2.2lb of Emerald Gold 1- 2.2lb of Luxe Gold 1- Jelly Mask of...

Wax Unique Aesthetics

Wax Mannequin

This will be your new favorite tool to add to all of your trainings or if you’re wanting to check your technique.
On sale!
Mini Boss Pot

Wax Unique Aesthetics

Mini Boss Pot

$50.00 $70.00 $70.00
Perfect for brow artists or cosmetologists who do smaller areas.

Wax Unique Aesthetics

Luxe Gold Wax

$48.00 - $350.00
✨ Made in Europe: Our Luxury Wax is proudly crafted by European standards ensuring the highest quality. We prioritize excellence

Wax Unique Aesthetics

Acrylic Wax Stick (3 pack)

You are going to LOVE our new acrylic wax stirring sticks.  These are not to be used on clients as they are NOT reusable.   To clean: Use our Lucas cide wipes  To get off wax: Use oil